Chapter 109 Preview

Okay, so here's the thing: Chapter 108 has been complete for some time. I was hanging onto it with the thought that I would not publish it until I made some headway with 109. Why I made that rule for myself, I do not know. Actually, I do know. I made the rule because it felt like 108 was not meaty enough to be followed by a long pause between chapters. Anyway, I am giving up the ghost and posting 108 tonight. That is the new Nephele above.

108 Preview Again

Having connected with my inner Ian, the next DBL should be up soon.

Adult Content Wall

I am starting to get traffic from Tumblr, so I threw up an adult content wall. That is all.

Alright, I lied.

New preview for Chapter 107:

The old Chapter 107 has been moved forward in time.

Not Dead, Just Chillaxing

I know it has been a hot minute between chapters, but I have been thinking and re-thinking some plot points that are coming up, and am not totally convinced by my current outline. DBL is far from dead. It's just chillaxing until such a time as I can whip it into shape.

There's a new Arpeggio in the works

Kvornan can hardly believe it.