Chapter 109 Preview

Okay, so here's the thing: Chapter 108 has been complete for some time. I was hanging onto it with the thought that I would not publish it until I made some headway with 109. Why I made that rule for myself, I do not know. Actually, I do know. I made the rule because it felt like 108 was not meaty enough to be followed by a long pause between chapters. Anyway, I am giving up the ghost and posting 108 tonight. That is the new Nephele above.


  1. Pen! I only just realized the story hasn't been updated in like a year :(
    I've been rereading it and leaving comments but they aren't showing up, so I guess I've a) fucked it up somehow, or b) you haven't logged in in a while. Just in case I'm leaving my url here, pls let me know if you're okay! (You probably are, but I'm paranoid so)
    Oh man I miss the old Lothere gang and this story. Fortunately I still have a lot left to read before I get to the latest one but still :'(

  2. I am sorry about the lack of updates! Writing this story is on my personal mental list of "things I need to get off of my butt and do for Van". Now that I know that more than one person would like to see this come back, the fire may officially be lit under the aforementioned butt. And thank you for your Tumblr link! I will be sure to add you when I next login to Tumblr. My simming Tumblr link is on the story page sidebar under "Tumbling Blue Lake". There you can find mostly reblogs of other people's sims-related content. lol

    I miss all you guys too! I check Lothere once every two weeks or so to see who is still popping by. If only I checked my own story with such frequency. Sorry about the delayed response. This is the first time I have logged into this story in a long time. And I am totally okay! I am glad to see that you are too!